A great tip when searching for old friends is to use people search age as a helper by entering age related data, actual age, or date of birth, as one of your search parameters.  Here are a  few tips on how to do it.

Using age in a people search effort is a great advantage in separating your target individual from a long list of people with the same or similar names.

Not all public records people search sites include text boxes to enter age or a birth date, so pick one that offers these filters.

All kinds of search parameters are offered online to get information about people you might be looking for.  Making use of the people search age technique will save time and result in more efficient search efforts and better results.

You can do reverse phone number searches to match a name and address to the phone number of someone who just dialed your number.

You can do a people search by age, or by city, state, country, maiden names, cell phone search or birth date. All of these “filters” can help you narrow down your searches, so you’re not looking through lists of hundreds of people at a time.

Find People by Age

You can do email searches, white page searches and yellow page searches.  You can find court proceedings, marriage licenses, real estate holdings and criminal records. But, most of the time, you probable just want the address and phone number of someone you’ve lost track of.

I’ve never had much luck myself looking for email addresses, but you might get lucky. Try it. Many people search locators offer email search, reverse phone number searches and many other personal parameters.

I’ve also not had much luck with official city and state search offerings.  You’d think these would be a goldmine of information, but I find them typically hard to use and not much help. Far too time consuming.

I wanted to send a birthday card to someone I hadn’t seen or heard from for over forty years. After narrowing down my search by using various public records people finder sites, I had finally located the person I was looking for.  Using a people search engine that had a birth-date text box, I entered the date that I remembered, knowing it was probably wrong.

I did know the month was right and the year, but I was unsure of the day, so I just made up a day.

The search results, which should show age, told me the date was wrong and informed me that the date was ignored in the search results.

So, I got results disregarding age.

But hey, I realized that was good information, maybe I could use it.

By telling me the date was wrong, I knew of course, that the database must have the correct date on record.

So, starting at day “1”, the first of the month.   I repeated the search, advancing the date one day each time, until the incorrect date error disappeared.  I then knew I had the correct birth date.

What About Cost of Paid People-Search Sites?

It’s best to resolve yourself to the notion that you may have to pay for information, but the cost is really minimal, considering the convenience offered by the paid people search engines.

Try spending a few hours searching and finding information on cumbersome government sites.

Not only are those sites hard to use, every one of them being different, but there are hundreds of them because every State and City has their own.

After that experience, you’ll be glad to use the efficient commercial search engines and will probably consider the few dollars you spend at the end well worth the time and trouble saved.

These commercial sites have combined the data from hundreds, if not thousands of public domain databases. 

All that data  is then organized into one highly efficient data center, easily searchable for your use. 

They deserve the few dollars they charge to let us use their search engines.  It is an incredibly efficient and convenient service.

Google Also Useful in People Search

On top of that, you don’t have to pay a cent to play with engines, narrowing down your search, collecting useful data along the way, until you finally find what you’re looking for.  Not until then do you have to pay anything, and often you’ve found enough to do a free Google people search to get an address and phone number.

But, you can get far more than that from the commercial public records search engines. Even a complete background check can be had for very reasonable cost.

All of this cost me nothing. Using the people search engines to narrow and refine your searches ensures that when it comes time to pay for information that is held back in the “free searches”, that your target is highly likely to be in the list you finally pay for.

And by that time, the cost is minimal. Whether there are fifty or only one or two people left on your list, the cost for addresses and phone numbers is only a few dollars. Not for each name, for the whole list. Of course, you will only be interested in one name on that list.

If you need more information, such as background checks, naturally the cost will be more. But, if you spend some time doing the detective work without paying anything, the final cost for your people search efforts will be for exactly the information you’re looking for, not for background information on a list of strangers.

Check out the various public records people search sites to find those that let you put in age or date information for your people search age research.