Many court records are in the public domain. Of course, some are not, but remember to use court records in your people search efforts

Court records people search sites use public domain records to compile huge databases, making you search efforts much easier than finding this information on your own.

These databases contain vast amounts of data gathered from court records and other public domain sources for convenient and efficient searching by their web customers.

These internet entities are referred to as commercial or paid people-search web sites.

These commercial or paid sites provide enormous convenience over trying to find the same public records information by searching for it all the various government offerings spread all over the internet.

The paid sites contain the same information all gathered into one huge database that is easily and efficiently searched. You get results fast. Very fast.

An important first step is to train yourself to save results of the court records people search information you collect as go along.

Investigating public court records is a research process, use research strategies in finding the persons you are looking for.

You can add to what you have already discovered as you find relative information.  That’s not just a play on words.  Court records found in pay people-search sites usually contain what they call “possible relatives” along with each name they provide you that might match your search criteria.

If you know that the girl you’re looking for, say Betty Smith,  had a sister who married a guy named Harold Whatsizname and get back a list of 100 Betty Smiths, the one with the possible relative named Harold Whatsizname is very likely the girl you’re looking for.

Addresses, personal information, telephone numbers, possible relatives, all searching is an iterative process, meaning that you keep repeating the search as you find additional information.

But there are succesful techniques searching public-records that you can put in place to make the process easier and more organized.

When looking for people, whether court records or other persoanl information, use the people search engines and take advange of their huge, efficient databases.  For example, marriage license information is frequently available as a public record in the public domain. 

But, in many states, people have the option of electing to keep their marriage data private, in which case it will not be available as a “public” record.  Frequently marriage data is the first thing you want to find when looking for a girl you before she got married.  If she changed her name as a result of being married, you’ll have a pretty hard time finding her anywhere.

And if she elected not to have her marriage license records made public, you may think she never got married, so keep this in mind.

There are always other ways of finding a girl’s new married name by locating old mutual friends who may know who she married. It’s all detective work.

Save The Court Records Data As You Find It

Don’t use just one when starting out, try several of them. You will find one better than another for your particular purpose.

All of them return lists of individuals that you can sort and filter according to useful variables, e.g., name, city and state. 

If you have such any of that information handy in the beginning, be sure to use it.  Or, you can use it as you find it. 

As you work through the people search engine site, you will get a lot of information free of charge, that you can then use to narrow down your search. 

When you are fairly certain you have found the person you’re looking for in the returned search list, only then will you have to pay a small fee to get the phone numbers and addresses of ALL the people on that list.

Remember, as you find it, save the useful clues to organize your thoughts and focus your investigation of the search results on each pass. People searching is actually fun, but keep organized and stay focused.

You will frequently get long lists names if the person you want has a common name. Several things are useful in narrowing down that list. Middle initials and age or birth date in the engines that offer these searcing options are very handy to use. Make use of the people finder search engines that have age, birth date and middle name or initial text boxes.

Can You Find People For Free?

Well, sometimes, but don’t count on it.  Most public records sites afford free people search, at least in the initial stages. Don’t begin by giving up your credit card data,for two reasons. First you may get a long list that contain your target name anywhere. You don’t want to pay for that. Secondly, you’re not only losing money, but you’re wasting time. Do some research first.

You can do a lot of investigating before you finally want to pay the detail. If you use common sense, keep a few records, you may not have to pay anything . In any case, don’t pay until you are fairly certain you will have your target on the list.

If you’re looking for a girl you knew in high school, or even a married woman who you lost touch with years ago, she may have a new married name. More than several people search engine sites enable you to search marriage license indexes. Use the free search first to see if you find her maiden name with a likely date. The free search will not provide her new name, you will most likely have to pay for that. But once you have it, you can use the other peoplefinder search engines to locate your target.

Find Her Maiden Name

The marriage information will also provide the husband’s first name, which will be useful in narrowing down your search. Again, use all the information you’ve saved, both spouses ages, date of marriage, birth dates, age and possible relative listings when those are given.

To find one long lost friend, I entered her last name into a marriage license search and got two hits, one for a groom and one for a bride. Obviously, I was searching for the bride, so I could just ignore the guy.

On the other hand, when you have no information at all, following up on the male could also lead you to clued of the female’s whereabouts.  Maybe the guy is her brother, husband, son or another relative, who lives in another city, a city you haven’t checked out yet.  That’s a clue to follow, especially when you’re not getting anywhere.

No information was given though, except the last name I had entered, so in order to find her married name at this point, I had to pay for the marriage license information. You won’t get a copy of the license, but you will get a copy with  the pertinent information.

After you get some free data, and before you pay anything, don’t forget to try Google.  Not always, but occasionally, if you’r lucky, you can get addresses and telephone numbers through Google for no cost at all.  Just type in your name, city and state, and you get a phone number in Google’s result page.  Of course, this won’t work well if you don’t have the city and state.