Are doing a people search  address look up?  Are you trying to find someone?

Here are a few tips on using public search websites to ensure your success in finding who you are looking for when you people search address, phone number, age or any other parameter. 

First, you should know that no one you’re looking for is going to know you’re looking for them, unless you find them and tell them yourself.

And, don’t be fooled, there is also no way you will know if anyone is doing a public search for you, or your address, unless you sign up on a social site for that specific  purpose.

There are a few things you need to know to help you successfully find someone’s address or phone number, especially if you already know their approximate age.

If you actually know their birth date, you are even more certain of success in a public records search, especially if you’re looking for a common name.  Even if you know part of an address, maybe without the state, anything you know can help narrow down your people search address results.

Anything you know can help you narrow down your search to the correct person, even relative’s names including spouse and children.

You should also know, that while it is possible to get all the information you want for nothing, it isn’t very likely.

Unless you’re  using a yellow pages search engine or reverse phone number search, where it may be possible.

You will probably find a phone number or address absolutely free, only if  it is located in the white pages of your local phone book or a telephone number CD.

Or maybe a special reverse address telephone book, where people search by address has historically been used by telemarketers.

People Search Address Efficiency

So, while it’s possible to find people using the people search engines or yellow pages without cost, you should expect to have to pay something.  But it’s a small fee, especially considering the convience offered by the commercial people search websites.

people search age

Find a Lost Friend

To people search address, age or phone number , first, get in the habit of saving your phone lookup information as you go along.

But, the fee small for the convenience of using the massive databases of the commercial people-search engine sites.

Doing a public-records or reverse phone record lookup is an investigation, so use investigative tactics in your searches to find someone’s address, area code or zip code or whatever information you might already have.

An exhaustive people search or criminal records check can’t be done effectively in the local white pages or yellow pages, but is fairly easy and even fun using the people search engines to find the person you are looking for.

Looking for high school class mates or college alumni, finding old friends, getting in touch with past co-workers, can start with looking people up in the phonebook and then advancing to public search.

And if you could actually find people online for free literally, it would likely be limited to finding addresses and to maybe find a phone number.

But even when using the paid people search engines to find a person or address, you will only wind up paying a few dollars more than what you might have spent many hours trying to get for free. And you are certain to find a whole lot more information available to help you in your search efforts, using the huge, efficient commercial search engine sites.

Using Google Searchby itself can accomplish a lot as well, especially when you’re first starting out. It can lead to places you may not have thought of originally, including the paid search engine sites and white pages address lookup pages.

Work like an investigator and save your results as you go along when looking to find people for free online. You can find a ton of useful information using the initial free people finder stages of the paid search engines to your advantage.

find your old girlfriend

Find Your Old Girlfriend

In a sense, you will find people for free doing a public search because you get a lot of information without having to pay for it, while you use the people search engines to narrow down your search. In the end, you only have to pay a few dollars for phone numbers and addresses if you choose to, after finding the person you’re looking for.

But, before you get to that point, the free information can help you tremendously in your investigation, particularly looking for common names. Make sure you pay attention to the data you are getting in your attempt to find people for free, and save the free info as you go. Use the free information in each new search.

People Search Birthday

You can build on what you have already found as you look people up. Address search, people-search, telephone number search, all searching takes some work, but a few useful tips can make your searching experience a lot easier.

If you’re looking for people, use any of the people-search engines. They will all return a list of individuals you can filter by State and City, if you already have that information in your possession.

But, you may still get a long list from a public search if you’re searching for a common surname.

Two things are useful in whittling down that list. Middle initials and age detail. Use people finder search engines that let you add age and use middle initials and make use of that information if you have it.

Person People Search

All public records search engines provide free people search, at least initially. Never pay for information until you have used the free searching to narrow down your search.

If you are clever about it, if you know how to search for people for free, you won’t have to pay at all.

First, you should know that no one you’re looking for is going to know you’re looking for them, unless you already know their whereabouts and tell them yourself.

Here’s how I tracked down a girl I knew in high school. I didn’t know if she was married or who she had married if she was. I knew the month and year of her birth date, but wasn’t sure of the day.

I used several people listed search sites to get what I needed. I was lucky that her maiden name was a fairly uncommon one, but the strategy would work regardless.

There are certainly a multitude of public records people search engines online. Some are better at one thing than another may be, so try them out to find one that works best for you. Conduct a search for “people search engines”.

People Lookup On Public Records Websites

You will find many listed as”free” people searches, but most of the time, the initial “public search” may be free, but you still are must pay for information that is withheld. On the other hand, it is sometimes possible to get to acquire phone numbers and addresses for no charge. Try “free” engines and see what you can find.

To find my long lost friend, I typed her maiden name into a marriage license search and got two hits, one for a groom and one for a bride. Obviously, the bride was what I was looking for, so I could discount the groom. No information is given however, other than the surname I had entered, so if I wanted to find her married name, at this point, I would have to pay to get the marriage license information.

people search by address

Find Address Using People Search Sites

The cost was somewhere around ten dollars at that time, it may be more or less today. If you get a list of results, you can get the whole list for the same price and hope your target is on the list.

Once you have the marriage information, of course, you also have the groom and bride’s first, last or maiden names, and that allows you to reduce the size of the new lists using those filters.

Sure enough, the information I received fit the person I was looking for. I used the same search engine I used for the marriage information to try to locate my friend. Her married surname was a common one, so a search brought up a very long list. But, here is where middle initials come in handy.

I used her middle initial that I had known in high school, but didn’t get anywhere. Then I remembered that back then it was common for the girl to use her maiden name as her new middle initial along with her husband’s surname.

This narrowed the list quite a bit, without eliminating everyone. Now is when the age filter comes in handy.

Finding People by Address

The search engines I used allowed both birth date and age input, so first I used just the age function. This narrowed my list to only a few. I then entered what I remembered of her birth date. I was sure of the month, but not the day, so I just guessed at the latter.

Then I realized the search engine was providing me with information by telling me that the birth date was wrong and even telling me specifically that the day was wrong.

Of course, by telling me what was wrong, it was also telling me what was right; the month and year. One person on the list fit both spousal surnames, correct month and correct age. I was pretty sure this
was who I wanted, but I wanted to see if I could use the search engine to get the exact birth date. I thought it was the tenth day of the month, but that’s what I was using and it was telling me I was wrong.

So, I started with the 1st, then the 2nd and so on until I got to the 9th, and bingo, the message telling me the birth date day was wrong went away. Now I knew I had the complete birth date. The free information provided told me the city and state and listed possible relatives. The listed relatives can also be very useful in narrowing down your free searches if they are meaningful to you, but at this point, for this particular public search, that wasn’t needed.

Free People Search – or Not

Now the only thing I would have to pay for here, that wasn’t provided free, was the address and
telephone numbers. But, at least at this point, you are pretty sure you have what you want and if you need that information, it would have cost only around five dollars, probably less now as the prices have become more reasonable.

It seems to be around two dollars at the time of this writing.  I would have had to pay a private investigator upwards of one hundred fifty dollars for what I had gotten so far for only twelve dollars, or maybe seventeen total, if I wanted the phone numbers and addresses.

Try Google Search to find phone number and address for free

However, with a little more strategy to find people for free, using Google you can often get even that information for nothing. Using the information that you now have from your free searching investigation;
the proper surnames,

birth date, the city and state part of the address and possible relatives, just type some of that information into Google in this format, person, city, state, zip, and you just might get exactly what you are looking
for complete with street address and phone numbers. Not always, but frequently.

Experiment, try it out with various public search tactics and strategies.

You might also try a reverse phone search or yahoo and hotmail searches if you have that information, but nothing else to find people for free.

Save Your Telephone Number Search Results

Be sure to save your search results somewhere. I don’t know how many times I’ve spent several hours tracking something down, thinking I would remember how I got there, because it was all fresh in my mind and I could pick up from where I left off the next day or when I next had time. Yeah sure. Of course, I didn’t remember any of it and had to start all over again.

Take notes, jot down people and relevant info, denote paths you took throughout your public search tasks.

When you finally nail down the actual persons and addresses and phone numbers and other peripheral information, including even more complete notes on how you found what you found, put it all into a personal information program with a database, designed for that purpose. Your data will be safe, easily retrievable, organized and categorized and most importantly, available, without requiring you to repeat your efforts by doing your free people search all over again.

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